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Chilled Solutions Holdings Ltd. provide a comprehensive service for the provision of full design and installation of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration solutions as well as planned preventative maintenance and reactive attendance to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration break downs. 

Chilled Solutions offer air conditioning solutions that provide air-conditioned cooling in many different types of building from prefabricated office units to large airport retailers, office space to shops and restaurants. We also provide refrigeration solutions such as chillers, cold rooms or hot/cold counters for catering purposes. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver Air Conditioning Planned Preventative Maintenance at nearly every UK airport and have airside passes and authorised signatory status where necessary to service our customers. 


Chilled Solutions are committed to providing high quality, cost effective Air Conditioning and Refrigeration bespoke solutions totally suited to the customer and the situation ensuring that a cost effective, high quality and seamless solution is implemented. 


Chilled Solutions Senior Engineers are fully conversant with the latest refrigeration and air conditioning technology and legislation and are trained regularly to update their skills. 

Chilled Solutions utilises the technical expertise of leading manufacturers and independent consultants throughout the design stage, thereby ensuring the system design adhered to the highest technical specification. 

Chilled Solutions can provide either a full design service or design development from a third party as required. 

Where a client requires a design service, Chilled Solutions will specify the most appropriate products 

All suppliers are required to meet the company’s standard supplier criteria. 


Planning activities from inception to completion

Monitoring progress of activities 


This meeting brings together the entire project team and supporting functions and is chaired by the project manager. Issues addressed at this meeting include coordinating with other trades where necessary, purchasing and delivery scheduling, sub-contractors, health and safety, human resources, liaison with other members of the project team and any special requirements. The pre-planning of all activities and the briefing of the entire team and supporting functions ensures that specific project requirements are addressed prior to the installation phase. 


Chilled Solutions provide a dedicated management team tailored to the size of the project for each installation. This will include a Project Manager or Senior Engineer and Site Supervisor supported by trained operatives. The duties of key staff involved in the project are listed below. 


Site Surveys 

Risk Assessment 

System Design 

Overall project co ordination 

Client liaison and participating in site meetings 

Preparation of system manuals 

Ensuring Compliance with system design and handing over completed system to clients 

Day to day management of the project 

Co-ordinating with other trade and management contractors 

Participating in site meetings 

Ensuring compliance with quality assurance procedures 

Ensuring compliance with technical requirements 

Ensuring availability of manpower and materials 

Ensuring test and commission 

Handing over completed sections to the client 

Interpretation of design drawings 

Production of general arrangements and work drawings 

Requisitioning of materials to programme 

Production of detailed estimates 


Organising site establishment 

Briefing operatives and ensuring compliance with site safety procedures 

Control of site operatives 

Ensuring quality in installation 

Requisitioning plant and tools 

Liaison with other sub trades 

Chilled Solutions operate a computer based planning system which is continually being developed to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of today’s client.

The system is designed to ensure that all projects are progressed in a logical format. 


The service provided covers the following elements: 

Assessment of client specifications and instructions 

Site survey and risk/threat analysis 

Site report and site plans 

Site Discipline and Procedure Report 

System design and operational specification 

System equipment and specification 

Final design and financial evaluation 


Progress monitoring and control is carried out by each supporting function against programme requirements and advised to the project manager on a regular basis. 

On commencement on site, progress of the installation is monitored by the project manager and reported to the client’s representatives at regular intervals. progress is monitored by the project manager who is updated at each contractors meeting. 


A programme is prepared which includes 

Latest date for receipt of design information 

Drawing and design programme with approval periods following receipt of design information 

Key dates for material/equipment deliveries 

Commissioning Periods 

Hand over dates 


An initial programme is produced which details the overall time periods and sequence of operation for the project. Programmes for key activities are introduced into the initial programme. These include; 

Procurement programme detailing long lead delivery items and key equipment deliveries 

Anticipated manning levels 

Cash flow expenditure requirements 

Once agreed a final master programme is produced and circulated. Site personnel and all supporting functions such as design and purchasing monitor progress against this programme. 


The Quality Assurance Manager in conjunction with the project manager for each project will produce a quality plan. This plan outlines the resources involved, requirements of the project, method statements, sub contractors and specified suppliers. This plan is circulated throughout the Chilled Solutions project team.


All Material and equipment are procured in line with the requirements of the procurement schedule which is produced at programming stage. 

The project team prepares requisitions which detail equipment/materials required, key delivery dates, nominations and any relevant quotations and forward these to the purchasing department. 

Once an order is placed copy orders are issued to the project team and are entered on the materials schedule, which indicates procurement date, inspection, expediting and delivery dates for all major items. 

Deliveries are cross checked against purchase orders and the materials schedule, where appropriate. 


Cost control is monitored by the project manager and reported to the client in the format and at the intervals requested. 


Chilled Solutions have private storage facilities. 

Materials stored on site, as space is made available, are limited to those materials necessary to execute the installation in the immediate future. 


On completion of an installation or a particular section the Test and Commissioning phase of works the site supervisor will inspect the installation to ensure compliance with the specifications and drawings. The results of the inspection are recorded and forwarded to the project manager. In the event that faults are identified, the site supervisor locates the fault and issues a discrepancy report which indicates the corrective action necessary. Subsequent to remedial action, a second inspection will be carried out. 


100% Testing and commissioning is carried out by the site supervisor and trained operatives of all aspects of the installation. 

The client or the client’s agent are at liberty to witness test some or all of installation as required. 


Chilled Solutions will issue when required a comprehensive manual for the installed system complete with drawings, test record and certificates and product information where applicable. 


Production of interim application and final account 


Chilled Solutions offer a complete maintenance service with 24-hour emergency call out as required. 


Chilled Solutions has a training programme designed to ensure that all personnel are trained to the required level. 

Management Senior Engineers and Site Supervisors are trained by the equipment manufacturers to ensure that staff are kept up to date on any new developments in equipment and technology. 

Chilled Solutions will provide training to the client’s staff in the correct operation of the installed systems when required. 


It is CHILLED SOLUTIONS policy to perform work in the safest practical manner, consistent with good practice. The health and safety of CHILLED SOLUTIONS employees and all those likely to be affected by their operations is the responsibility of the management and as a priority it ranks equally with production and profit. 

It is the duty of the management to do everything practicable to prevent injury and ill health and it is equally the duty of each employee to exercise personal responsibility for his or her own safety and that of others. This is required by law. 

CHILLED SOLUTIONS management is committed to complying with this policy and to ensuring compliance by others. 

All employees are to be aware that, in the event of any conflict between the demands of production and safety, they will receive management support if it is necessary to choose the safety of employees or third parties as the priority. 

It is company policy to adhere completely to the requirements of the Health & Safety at work Act 1974; the Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1992; the factories Act 1961; the Offices, Shops, and Railway Premises Act 1963 and all Regulations and Codes of Practice made under the Acts which affect Company Operations. 


On award of the contract our senior management team review the scope of works and identifies each separate activity involved. These activities are then assessed against a list of generic assessments and the relevant documentation completed and action taken. 

Prior to the commencement on site the Health and Safety representative carries out an on-site risk assessment. 

Regular on-site Health and safety inspections are conducted throughout the course of the project. 


The company has compiled an extensive library of generic risk assessment records relating to hazardous substances used within the industry. Any site-specific information or specific control measures are added as and when necessary, this information is then passed onto site personnel who are working with the substance or who may be affected by its emissions. 


CHILLED SOLUTIONS can when required provide manufacturers system warranties for the full range of services we supply. 


The purchasing manager is responsible for approving suppliers and sub contractors and for their addition to or removal from the Approved Suppliers List. The purchasing manager is also responsible for reviewing the Approved Suppliers List. 

Manufacturers and suppliers are added to the Approved Suppliers List when they 

Meet one of the following criteria; 

Receipt of acceptable documentary evidence of the Suppliers certification to an appropriate system standard. 

An acceptable assessment of the suppliers past performance. 

Details included on the Approved Suppliers list are as follows 

Name and address/location of the supplier 

Scope of approval e.g. type of products/services that can be purchased and /or supplied 

Name of contact responsible for quality 

Details of the approved supplier’s list can be obtained from the purchasing manager. 

Where a supplier has failed to meet the standards, the purchasing manager will contact the manufacturers quality representative and agree an action plan for the improvement with the supplier. In extreme cases, where performance is consistently below standard and/or no improvement is made, the supplier will be removed from the Approved Suppliers List 


A copy of the company’s Insurance Schedule is available on request